Warranty Terms And Return Policy

  1. Warranty terms and the warranty period would be specified within description head of the respective product. The warranty period for each product may differ based on the nature and type of product. Hence you need to go through the description of the product you purchase thoroughly before placing an order for warranty period and the specific terms if any.
  2. Warranty doesn’t cover any damages or losses caused by postal and shipping services. We recommend you to carefully check the package contents according to packing list in front of postal service or shipping company representative.
  3. All defective items (non-working) that are being returned by you should be in the same condition as received by you at the time of delivery i.e. no tempering of the product should be done (including the seal and protective film). It should be returned within 7 working days from the time of delivery of product.
  4. Products such as mobile LCD and mobile touch screen, the protective film and warranty seal should not have any reposition traces.
  5. Before returning the product, you should make sure that any part of the product should not be used or physically damaged. For any quality related issues you may contact out team within 48 hours of receipt of delivery of the product.
  6. All shipping costs on the products returned to us for exchange or warranty repairs should be borned by the buyer of the product. Please allow us 10 business days to diagnose and resolve the problem in the product returned by you and reply you the same.
  7. The quality and condition of the product are thoroughly checked by our technical team and hence the accuracy and functioning of the product is approved before the product is dispatched.
  8. All our products are placed in hard carton boxes which protect them from being damaged. Hence the chances of damage are very negligible but there can some uncontrollable factors during shipment process which may cause damage to the product or the box. Therefore it is your responsibility to consciously verify the product before placing the order and on the receipt of your order.
  9. The images shown in the product details can be different from the actual product.
  10. The order may take at least 48 hours to get shipped. You can track your order by the intimation of the same provided by us via an email.
  11. We have no responsibility of the product after expiry of warranty period.
  12. We are not responsible if the product is discontinued or updates/activation is stopped from the manufacturer even within warranty period. In this case we will refund the amount paid by you.

Out of Stock (Terms & Conditions):-

We make sure that we are always intact with the customer’s order and provide the best of our services i.e. product quality, prices and availability. But due to some unforeseen circumstances, the product might be out of stock. This can be because of various reasons such as the product though being in stock failed during the quality check process or the product could be out of stock from the market when the order was actually placed.

In any of the above conditions, it will be intimated to you by an email or text massages and at your discretion, either

(a) The goods shall be shipped as soon as we receive the fresh order and no extra charges shall be charged from the customer.

(b) The order shall remain cancelled and the customer shall be given the refund the amount paid by you.

Whatever the decision may be, the user should intimate the same to the company via an email or by contacting the customer handling team before placing the order for goods which are out of stock.